Do the Right Thing

I've written before on 1%ers, and how the prevailing 'wisdom' is that if you are doing '1%ers' then that's good thing because it means you are leaving no stone unturned. Specifically, I've written that this is a crock.

I heard a great line watching an NBA game on the weekend. The commentator, when describing a play, said, "Its not just the little things, its the right things." It turns out this is actually a theme being used by the NBA during the Playoffs.

Well, I couldn't agree more! By emphasising doing the 'right' things, rather than just little things, there needs to be some thought put into the real role and purpose of things.

Sport is NOT just about doing things. It is NOT about doing 'little things'. It is NOT about doing the '1%ers'. It is about doing the right thing at the right time.

To teach this requires the coach to be very very good at 3 things:
  • Determining what the right thing to do in any situation is,
  • Teaching the athletes how to identify the situation, and
  • Teaching the athletes to execute the right thing.
Easy, right?

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