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Decision Making

In sport (and in other aspects of life I suppose - though it rarely seems as important as it does in sport!), there are constantly decisions that may need to be made. The range is huge: Whether to call a timeout or not? When to organise the bus to go to the venue? What and when to eat? Who to select? What training venue to use? What skills are important and when should they be taught? How healthy are the players? What program structure should be used? What coaches should be engaged? What should you say to the media? How much do you pay a player? Not only is the range huge, but the decisions required are never, every in isolation from each other. Some examples: If I don't call a timeout now, the media will think I am not doing anything If I pick her then I won't pick the player with the biggest media profile which means the sponsor won't be happy That venue is the best for training, but it costs more, the players don't like travelling that far to