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How to Get Good at Coaching

I often get asked how to get good at coaching. Is it from doing coaching courses? From observing high level coaches? From coaching? From doing Human Movement degrees? My usual answer is that, 'well, we know that coaches get about 80% of their learning from their workplace, so talking to other coaches about coaching is really important, and always questioning things too'. Or something like that. But I thought of a better answer today (thanks Pat Madia): Coach the worst players you can. By 'worst' I don't mean bad at your sport, but the sort of players coaches tend not to want to coach (because we all want 'perfect' players to coach). They are 'lazy' or 'unmotivated'. They are 'uncoordinated' or just plain 'don't listen'. They are 'un-athletic', 'too short' or 'not strong enough'. They have 'difficult parents' or they are 'disruptive'. Sure, that's all true. Welcome to coa