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When is the right time to do Conditioning?

There seem to be a lot of questions about 'when to do conditioning'. Or maybe questions about training plans asking 'what do I do after I start with conditioning?' These questions have always puzzled me. Today was a great day though, because it occurred to me for the first time the reason this always puzzles me. Firstly, I'm a really big believer in running drills which involve everyone all the time. That is, no lines of athletes waiting to do things. This is because of, well, science, and anecdotal evidence. Secondly, I never (rarely) do dedicated conditioning sessions because I can never think of what skill practice I would want to skip to do it. Thirdly, my warmups always include strength and conditioning aspects. So, what occurred to me? It occurred to me that if you spend a percentage of your practice time with athletes waiting in lines, they are not doing any conditioning. But if your trainings have all athletes involved in drills at all times, then they are d