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Brownlow Club Rankings 2012

Interesting to see the Club by Club rankings for Brownlow Votes last night.  The top 4 clubs in votes were the top 4 clubs in the competition at the end of the finals, with the bottom end of the voting reflecting results very closely as well. Club Brownlow Finish Final SYDNEY 95 Grand Final HAWTHORN 92 Grand Final ADELAIDE 88 3 Preliminary Final COLLINGWOOD 85 3 Preliminary Final RICHMOND 83 12 WEST COAST EAGLES 83 5 Semi Final GEELONG 79 7 Elimination Final CARLTON 76 10 FREMANTLE 75 5 Semi Final ST KILDA 73 9 NORTH MELBOURNE 69 7 Elimination Final ESSENDON 63 11 BRISBANE LIONS 55 13 GOLD COAST 43 17 PORT ADELAIDE 40 14 WESTERN BULLDOGS 40 15 MELBOURNE 27 16 GWS GIANTS 22 18 ( Picture Cred

Agile Coaching

Planning is important.  That's (fairly) self-evident.  Planning implies that there is some logical structure  and movement towards an outcome, that thought has been put into both the outcome and the process.  This all makes sense.  But what I have been wondering about is where documenting the plan fits. I was talking about this to a friend who runs a web design company and he mentioned Agile Management , which got me thinking about a concept called 'Agile Coaching'. The first thing to mention here is my belief that just because you invent a name for something doesn't mean you were the first person to do it, nor that you are an expert at it.  The second thing to mention is that there are many times where I have 'invented' something only to find out that 100s (1000s?) of people had 'invented' it before. Now for a story:  I was talking to a multiple World Championship winning coach about training plans.  He said that, yes, people were always ask