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Beach Volleyball Timeouts

There has been a lot written about the impact of indoor volleyball timeouts, with the findings that timeouts don't impact the chances of siding out immediately afterwards. ( A collation of which an be found here .) Recently, through the generosity and support of Volleyball Australia , I was able to obtain a database of match analysis (similar to the work done using Datavolley for indoor volleyball), and analysed this, looking for indications of the impact of timeouts on match flow. The data is predominantly from international competition, ranging through Olympic Games, to World Tour, to continental tour, to national tour. Nearly 1,300 matches were analysed, (over 3,700 timeouts). The results of the analysis was that: Sideout percentage after a timeout was not different to the overall sideout percentage for rallies not preceded by timeouts. Specifically, the sideout percentages in points where there was no timeout taken immediately prior was 64.9%. The sideout percentag