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How to Become a Professional Coach

Sometimes people ask me how you can become a professional coach. Especially somewhere where there might be only 10 jobs nationwide. It is a tough question to answer. But then I find old documents like a movement analysis I did for the National Men's team back in 1991, and I remember how. I was in my last year of my human movement degree and had decided I wanted to be a coach. The national team was on a tour of the country, and I wanted to get in to the game for free. So I decided to volunteer to do a time and motion analysis for them, based on the game. I contacted the head coach with the idea and he agreed. So I borrowed a couple of video cameras, got access to the overhead area so I had a top view, and also a back view. No problem. And I got in for free! The analysis I did is below. Remember, this is all from VHS tapes and stopwatches. Cover Letter Summary Results Detailed Results Oh, and while I was there the CEO asked if I had any free time (I had plenty) and offered me a job t