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When are you at your best as a coach?

  There are many examples in popular culture of the 'excitable young pup' and the 'wise old dog'. There is a Warner Brothers cartoon I remember with the pup constantly jumping up and down with energy. There is another example in a Sean Penn movie where he plays a young policeman and his old, craggy partner, tells a story about how best to go downhill to the pasture. As someone getting towards the wizened old end of the scale I recognise the value of the enthusiasm of youth. Sometimes not seeing or knowing why something shouldn't work has a real value. Same with not remembering all the times something was tried and it didn't work and so it is not worth bothering to try again.** This idea got me thinking of coaching in relation to the Dunning-Kruger effect . What part of the chart do you think makes the best coach?  What part makes the best junior coach? What part makes the best pro-level coach? Do you think the curve is the same for male coaches and female? **On