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The Layering Approach to Coaching

Because time is linear we often think of training plans as linear. First we do this, then that then finish with the other. But what if we didn't think of training plans in a linear way, but in layers? With the Layering Approach to Coaching, you are trying to see how many things you can work on at the same time. For example, your warmup might be to run 5 laps of the court. Then stretch. Then pepper. For 30 minutes total. The training outcomes will be to warmup the players physically, perhaps do some injury prevention, and work on skill development. But if you spent this 30 minutes layering training outcomes you could work on aerobic base, ball tracking and control, physical literacy, decision making, social development, skills and competitiveness. This warmup would be: Running with a ball, bouncing, catching, throwing, setting Aerobic base development ball tracking and control decision making social development physical mobility Lunges, thoracic mobility physical literacy injury pre