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Rotating and Winning and Tanking

There have been many, many, many situations where coaches have sacrificed short term results by resting players, or not playing injured players, in order to increase the chances of long term success. Recently in the NBA the San Antonio Spurs  rested their 4 best players  when they played the reigning champion Miami Heat.  This 'outrage' caused the NBA Commissioner to threaten them with 'substantial sanctions'.  On the other hand, the Spurs are recognised as one of the most astutely managed teams in the NBA. Football (soccer) in Europe is another great example.  An English Premier League team will play about 40 League matches each year.  If one was also to compete in a  proposed Europa League they would play nearly half this number again .  And then add to that the number of local Cup matches they would play.  The way the top clubs manage this situation is not only to pay their best players more, but have more of the best players.  It is rare for a top team lik