10 Coaching Things That Require Zero Talent

We often see lists of things for athletes that require zero talent, so I thought I'd adapt one of these to compile a list of things for coaches that require zero talent. The original source that I adapted can be found here.

  1. Be On Time. That is, be early so you can prepare the facility to ensure you have what you need, and also you can see all the players arrive and get a sense of how they are feeling and interacting.
  2. Work Ethic. Constantly strive to be the best coach you can be, just as you expect players to strive to be the best player they can be. Have a plan and implement it
  3. Effort. Are you putting in as much effort to improve as you can? Are you putting effort into the right areas?
  4. Body Language. How you move and express yourself around others shapes who you are and how you are perceived. Everyone can improve and here is a TED talk that explains why and how.
  5. Energy. Be aware of where your energy goes. Does it go to teaching or just organising drills?
  6. Attitude. It is up to you to set the tone for practice/training. From the moment you walk through the door of the gym.
  7. Passion. Maintain your passion and inspire passion in the players. They learn better when they are engaged.
  8. Observe. Make sure you are observing to the players so you can best coach them.
  9. Doing Extra. Just as the players will improve when they do extra, you will too.
  10. Be Prepared. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!


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