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Perfection of the Unknown

A recently uncovered fable from the renowned storyteller: Aesop . The Impatient Coach and the Talented Athlete The coach was working with their new athlete for a while and was starting to learn their strengths, their weaknesses. He was learning about their 'weapons', he was learning about their limitations. He was learning all the reasons why the athlete will never be a world champion, as well as some of the reasons they might. Once he made these discoveries he had a choice - 'do I find a way to get this athlete over the line regardless of all the limitations, or do I move on to another athlete?' So he started looking around. He started finding out about the next generation. He looked at the junior competitions. He saw amazing things, or maybe just glimpses of what could be amazing things, with just a tiny bit of polishing. He decided to  move on to another group of athletes who will be the ones. The ones would be make it. He started working with them and r

When it Stops Being Sport

There has been so much written in Australia about Essendon, and it won't stop any time soon. The pathway that the club and players are going down still has the following steps remaining: Go to the SUI courts to overturn CAS Sue the club for ruining their careers Sue the AFL because they didn't get anything from the club then undergo the various appeals processes. The reason for this is because the players trusted their club: to not give them illegal drugs, to sign a consent form to permit the supplements program not take a deal which would have had the whole thing over and them not missing a game (which NRL players under similar circumstances did) All of these recommendations benefited the club rather than the players, and following these recommendations, led to the players being described as “ complicit in a culture of secrecy concealment ”.  This article is one of the better ones on the current status. Having said all this, the AFL's drug problems s