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Better Coaching - Expertise and Passion

I've been talking a lot to people about coaching development over the past year or so and it has got me thinking about my coaching career path (aka 'journey'). I've been coaching for about 25 years. Over that time sometimes I was coaching professionally but not being paid, but I'd like to think I was always coaching professionally. The first 'serious' coaching role I had was an U17 boys team at Nationals. I had never coached a group like this before, so I did what any young coach would do. I got hold of all the scoresheets for the U17 boys division the previous year, worked out what sideout percentage the best teams had, and designed all drills in our preparation around achieving that sideout percentage. What else would you do? I'm currently coaching a group of U17 girls at Nationals, and am somewhat embarrassed to say that I have not done anything like that in terms of preparation. Having said that, I think I'm twice as good a coach now tha