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Winning is a Limitation

'Winning is a Limitation'. It's a throwaway line I first started using about 20 years ago. I like it because it can make you think and also because there is some truth in it. The point of the phrase is to give permission to athletes to be working on things other than just winning, and also to help coaches recognise how their own needs are reflected in their coaching. Is winning actually a limitation? Of course not. Is losing a limitation? Of course not. Having said that, focussing exclusively on winning, to the detriment of trying new things, clearly limits development, just as completely ignoring the outcome does. But, as they say, winning 'conceals' and losing 'reveals'. I think this is a saying but if it isn't then I will trademark it. Once I was running a junior National camp where the focus was on skill learning and I wrote 'Winning is a Limitation' on the whiteboard. I wrote this in order to emphasise to the athletes (and coaches) t

Junior Coach Job Description

Job Description* Development Coach at Springfield Sports Club Springfield Sports Club have a proud tradition of developing athletes for our nationals teams as well as World Championship and Olympic success. We have equal pride in developing a lifelong love of sport, and having a positive impact on all our athletes throughout their journey. We are seeking a knowledgeable, motivated, inquisitive coach to continue this tradition. Below are the KPAs, KPIs and Critical Behaviours that the club believes are important. Please apply if you feel you have the expertise and attributes to fulfil them. Key Performance Areas  Physical - our sport has certain physical requirements in order to execute the skills required, and also to be able to train at a high volume over time without physically breaking down. These physical requirements take time to build so you need to ensure they are done throughout an athlete's development. Technical - the successful candidate will understand