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Identifying and Developing Talent

At the moment the  NFL Combine  is attracting  a lot of attention in the US , as it always does.  Prospects are assessed in a variety of ways, but mostly on their physical traits which are tested in ways that are not necessarily relevant to competitive performance.  All of this is put together and an assessment of their 'Talent' is made. Talent is defined as ' a special often athletic, creative, or artistic aptitude '.  It is also a unit of weight.  Both definitions seem to be equally relevant when we are 'evaluating' or 'identifying' talent. Sometimes we define the talented as 'racehorses', and the untalented as 'camels' , but even that implies that there is a clear identifiable delineation between horses that win and camels that don't.  The reality is that in horse racing, a topic I admittedly know little about, I don't think they allow camels to race.  I also don't think that the favourite always wins, and gamblers