Alexis has worked in sport for his entire career, since graduating from the University of South Australia with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science.

In the 1990s Alexis coached volleyball and beach volleyball at community through to international levels, culminating in a gold medal at the Sydney Olympics. Throughout this time he also developed a first of its kind data analysis and video analysis system for beach volleyball.

In the 2000s Alexis coached in the NCAA College system in the United States before returning home and becoming Performance Analysis Coordinator in the Sports Science department of the Australian Institute of Sport.

The 2010s saw a return to coaching as the South Australian Sports Institute Head Coach, with a 5th place at U19 Beach Volleyball World Championships being a highlight. After this a sideways step into Coach and Athlete Development with Gymnastics Australia and later Singapore Gymnastics as National Pathways Manager.

So far in the 2020s, another slight change of direction, but still focussing on coaches, with Swimming Australia as National Coach Education & Development Manager. As well as this he has commenced a PhD, focussing on the unique skills required to be a great development coach, which is on top of the Masters (Sports Coaching) already earned.

Alexis has exceptional skills in analysis and systems development, both computer and structural. This blog shows the breadth of his interests and thoughts, as related to coaching and high performance.

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