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What happens when players miss training?

I often see discussions in coaching groups about how to manage athletes who do not attend trainings. Usually the discussion is related to how long they should be banned from the court as punishment for not coming to training. Sometimes it is argued that it is not that they are being punished, it is that the players who WERE at training would effectively be punished by not getting to compete even though they had been, presumably, dedicated. Usually I decide not to comment at all. I don't think I could write anything that would be acceptable, because I don't really understand the premise. So, rather than providing advice to someone else, I'll just go through what I would do, and the rationale for it. If players come to practice that is great. If they don't that is a shame because they miss out. I do my best to create an environment that people want to come to because they think there is value If players miss practice the 'punishment' is that they miss out practice