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Coaching or Not Coaching

In an  interview with Jeff Van Gundy  (former NBA coach and current TV analyst), he says that the difference between the top 10 coaches is small, but the difference between the top 10 players is huge, which is an interesting observation from a well respected former coach.  The thing is, the difference between winning and losing is small too. Chris Scott , coach of Geelong, said that in a really tight situation at the end of the game he sent a message to one of his key players:  "We need you to sum up the situation and do what you think is best."  The players summed up the situation and the team won the game. Rick Reilly writes an article about a coach who tells his team that they need "a certain mindset, an aggressive or killer instinct if you will …". It makes me think about, what is coaching and what is not coaching. Coaching is teaching athletes what they need to know/do in order to be successful both at their level and at a higher level.  From this