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Technology and/or Communication

As the variety of tools for communication develop we often make the assumption that this improves our ability to communicate.  Mobile phones improve our ability, live video streaming improves our ability, even GPS tracking and accelerometers improve our ability to communicate.  But are we confusing the increase in different modes and methods to transfer volumes of data with communication? The variety of different tools available in a single sport like the NFL  is amazing, particularly if you compare it to what was available just 10 or 20 years ago.  A sport like volleyball, due to its small and discrete rallies, has always been very progressive with technological coaching tools.   This article describing the tools being used at the London Olympics games is typical of many superficial media articles in that it boldly announce cutting edge tools that have in fact been used for more than a decade.  Hugh McCutcheon himself used a small tablet PC on the bench in the Beijing Olympics