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Lazy Athletes or Lazy Coaches

We have all coached lazy athletes. Right? The ones that always look for shortcuts. That always try to do less than you ask. Or do it differently. Who resist change. Maybe distract others. I heard coaches complain about this all the time. And I'm certainly one of them. "They are lazy." "They are slow." "They won't make it." "Why should I waste my time?" I bet you are picturing one now. Once I was in a gym and I was watching a group of athletes doing doing a physical circuit. And they were doing it horribly. Every single different exercise they did was done poorly, with poor form. Lunges without keeping correct alignment, drop jumps without properly loading glutes. Everything was done poorly. I happened to be standing next to their coach at the time (there was a S&C coach actually supervising). I asked what they thought about it. They said it was ok. I said that I kept seeing these flaws. They replied, 'Oh, that is how the