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The 'Coach's Eye' v Analytics

There have been studies showing that, while coaches are confident that they have perfect memory of competition events (paraphrase), they actually do not. They have confirmation bias, recency bias, etc etc. ( Here is one .) So, we know that if a coach only uses 'the eye test' it is flawed. What this implies is that you can't trust a coach's recall of a game, but you CAN trust analytics. We can imply this because analytics were used as the gold standard in the study. I was listening to a Bill Simmons podcast with Kevin Durant , and they talked a lot about 'watching games'. Specifically, Durant was adamant that 'Blog Boys should watch games not just read analytics.' So my question is, if COACH OBSERVATION ONLY is not as accurate recalling analytics as just doing analytics, are ANALYTICS ONLY as accurate at recalling games actions as observed by coaches? In my opinion, using ANALYTICS ONLY would also be a flawed way of recalling the game. But I&#