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If you build it, they will come...

If you want people to think something is worthwhile - the first thing to do is make it worthwhile. And if you manage to do that, they will come. This is how High Performance used to work, and still does in many places. People who were inspired to achieve improbable goals did everything they could to achieve them. Some were successful, many weren't, but the one consistent thing is that they started down that path. But what IS high performance? Is it a location or a building? Is it a result? Is it a polo shirt and a nice tracksuit? Is it a standard of performance? To me it is like being 'professional'. 'Professional' doesn't mean you are making money, professional is the way you go about things. People often ask me - how did you get into high performance. I answer that it was easy. I did a degree in exercise science - 'yep, that makes sense, I can do that' After university I had a variety of jobs coaching (mostly unpaid), refereeing, running coa