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The 'Just Coach Coach'

For years I've heard coaches frustratingly say 'I just want to coach', and it always confused me. How is it that what you are doing now is not coaching? It looks like coaching to me. Sometimes there are buses to book and paperwork to do, but that's all part of the job, isn't it? Then I got to thinking that as much as people want to say that 'anyone can coach' (this is a coaching blog assuming readers think as I do), really great coaches have a very rare (and sometimes specific) skill set. So the 'Just Coach Coach', is more a problem with the job than the coach. Whereas coaches' 'expertise' can sometimes be in very small areas, 'Coaching' has  very broad skill requirements  and these requirements vary enormously. In many situations it is like a bell curve, with little responsibility other than 'coaching' with beginners and elite performers, but with a lot more in the middle. So how does it happen that coaches ar