Instant Reaction on New Setting Rules for NCAA

  1. The world hasn't changed. Only the NCAA rules. There is no need for anyone else to follow this. All sports have different rules at different levels to support the development of children. Having said this, everyone will now change.
  2. This probably won't change anything apart from a couple of whistles in matches. Coaches don't coach to avoid doubles, they coach to make sets accurate and repeatable. I don't see that the best way to achieve this will change.
  3. I'm trying my hardest to accept this and not stand at the doorway shaking my fist and yelling for the kids to get off my lawn.
Having said that I'm very curious to see if it will change the way playing the 2nd touch is taught. This would take a lot of courage by a bold coach, as everyone would be against it. We know how hard it is to convince people to adopt well established pedagogy for optimal learning, and not rely on what everyone has already done, so changing the way the 2nd ball is taught is unlikely.


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