Training Plans with AI

I was working with some coaches on training plans recently and, for fun, thought I'd find out what ChatGPT could do if I asked it for a plan. So I entered: "Please create a volleyball training plan for 90 minute session with 15 year old boys." Someone told me I didn't need to say 'please' but I figured it can't hurt if the gang down at cyberdyne all know I am courteous and respectful. But that is a different story.

The result was actually quite good. There was a warmup and warm down, both of which were excellent. And there was basically a drill for each skill.

As I said to the group, I've seen way worse training plans that that one. But it was still lacking nuance. Specifically, it was lacking a 'theme'.

Having a 'Theme' for a session isn't something I've thought about a lot but when it wasn't there it really stood out.

The theme is the heart of the session. The players should be able to tell you afterwards what it was, and it should be linked to the needs of the team at that time. Without a theme the session has no, dare I say it, soul.

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