Coaching for the Future, Today

I often see questions on coaching forums asking what 'technique' or 'system' should be used for what division. This is a good question and I doubt the questioner is completely satisfied with the wildly contradictory responses they get, but I understand the question.

What I don't understand is why there is always such a sense of immediacy. That is, the need to know what to do THIS year. I've never really operated in situations like this. The question I'm usually asking is, what do I have to be able to do next year and the year after. 

To a large extent, what athletes can do this year is already with them. Of course, you can change during a season, but really, you are polishing what already exists.

While you are polishing what already exists, you also need to be introducing what will be required next year. You don't have to be able to do it perfectly, but the athletes need to learn the fundamentals.

While you are polishing and teaching, you also need to ensure you know what needs to be done the year after next. This might involve learning the concepts and how to teach them.

So to answer the question of what technique or system should be used, the answer is usually: 'the one you are currently using, just practice it so you can implement it better, but also teach them what they need to be able to do next year too.' 

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