Looking for Answers in Numbers

Analytics is the answer to winning lots of games. This shows you what the averages are. What the odds are. This is what gamblers use when they are trying to find market inefficiencies of 3 or 4 percent. It means that, over a long period of time, you are very likely to come out ahead. Analytics doesn't win you matches.

Scouting is the answer winning single games. Scouting (good scouting) gives you tendencies of players and coaches, of systems and philosophies of play. It is specific to the particular match you are about to play. A great example of scouting is with a beach volleyball team I used to have a bit to do with. They were playing the top team in the world in a major competition final. They had a great game plan against the team. In the final they had one match point in the third set, and created a situation where there were very high odds their opponent was going to do a particular thing. Except, for the first time in the match, they didn't. Scouting doesn't win you matches.

Coaching/Teaching is required to implementing game plans to win single games. Scouting doesn't do this, scouting just provides information, but what do you do with the information? You have work out how to exploit the information, to be able to match it to your own strengths and weakness, and then, know how to teach it to your players in a very short period of time. Coaching wins you matches.

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