Put the Tall Player on the Outside

Here is a question for volleyball coaches. Why do coaches keep putting the tall player in the middle in juniors?

Middle is the toughest position in volleyball. It needs a combination of speed, quick decision making, great game understanding, and reach.

At lower levels, middles often just stand and watch the play, because the ball is rarely passed to a position that the setter would be able to set the middle. If the other team attacks in the middle they will probably jump to block, but otherwise will be too unsure of what to do to move out to the corner (if there ball is set there), or will watch the ball go high over their head, because the other team couldn't control the ball well enough to set to the corner.

So why play the tallest player in the middle? Their best attribute is that they can reach above the net without jumping, and they are put in a position where there is the least chance of that happening.

Please, put the tall player on the left where they can reach high and play the ball down over the net. Or put them on the right, where they can stand on the ground and block the outside hitter.

Oh, and please, I'm begging you, play them in the backrow. You are a coach, so coach. Teach them to pass.

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