Coaching Philosophy

  • I believe in science.
    • I believe there are things that people who are good at science don't know about yet.
  • I believe in teaching games for understanding and I believe in game sense. I also believe in constraints based learning.
    • I believe this has been a thing for 40+ years.
  • I believe the inability to do the fundamental skills of a sport limit you.
    • I believe as a coach your responsibility is to remove these limitations, by teaching good foundations.
  • I believe the perfect technique is unnecessary.
    • I believe that as athletes develop the building blocks for higher and higher level skills, care needs to be taken that they don't have any attributes which will limit them in the future.
  • I believe that ultimately the best will rise through natural selection.
    • I believe that athletes work things out themselves.
  • I believe coaching only one type of athlete in one way limits the development of others with the potential to excel.
    • I believe that many others can rise through the ranks with the targeted support of coaches through their development.
  • I believe the coach's job is to do the best job possible coaching the people in front of them.
    • I believe coaches who constantly yearn for 'better recruits' are missing the opportunity to develop the skills to create those better players.


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