Junior Coach Job Description

Job Description*

Development Coach at Springfield Sports Club

Springfield Sports Club have a proud tradition of developing athletes for our nationals teams as well as World Championship and Olympic success. We have equal pride in developing a lifelong love of sport, and having a positive impact on all our athletes throughout their journey. We are seeking a knowledgeable, motivated, inquisitive coach to continue this tradition.

Below are the KPAs, KPIs and Critical Behaviours that the club believes are important. Please apply if you feel you have the expertise and attributes to fulfil them.

Key Performance Areas 

  • Physical - our sport has certain physical requirements in order to execute the skills required, and also to be able to train at a high volume over time without physically breaking down.
    • These physical requirements take time to build so you need to ensure they are done throughout an athlete's development.
  • Technical - the successful candidate will understand the need to develop skills to compete today but not at the expense of the skills required in the future.
    • Note, some skills usually take many many years to master so athletes need to start developing them early.
  • Inspire - the successful candidate will ensure athletes are enjoying themselves and will to want to keep playing at the end of the season.
  • Aspire - the successful candidate will encourage athletes to think beyond the current season and aspire to the highest level they can achieve.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Athletes in the program will want to keep participating and developing at the end of the season.
  • Athletes in the program have a measurable improvement in all physical and technical areas (not just ones which are required for their current level).

Critical Behaviours

  • Treat athletes with respect. The coach is there to support the athletes, not the other way around.
  • Treat parents with respect and be able to explain (and advocate) the Club Principles to them.
  • Springfield sports club proudly has a zero tolerance policy to any coaching abuse (physical, mental, emotional). Remember, it is your ego affecting your reaction to poor performance. It is not a club requirement to win.
  • Springfield requires all coaches to portray ethical behaviour at all times.
Lastly, before submitting your application, please consider this: think back to when you were a 13 year old playing sport. How many memories do you have of positive comments and/or gestures from your coach or fellow athlete? How many memories of competitive losses which negatively affected your life? Remember to keep things in perspective.

Please send your written application and resume to the Secretary of the Springfield Sports Club.

* not an actual Job Description

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