The Agony of Expertise

After having been involved in volleyball all my life, I've been working in gymnastics for the past 3 years. Of course I've seen artistic, trampoline and rhythmic gymnastics on tv, but the only thing I've seen is the Olympics. I'd only ever seen things being done at an elite level. Then I started watching developing gymnasts and it became clear very quickly just how difficult elite routines are to developed. After a couple of years I now have a clearer idea of what a routine is 'supposed' to look. Now my eye is drawn to the things that are done well, and I don't really notice the things done badly.

After 25+ years coaching volleyball I have a much deeper understanding of the sport than I do of gymnastics. I have a clarity of what is supposed to be happening and how it is supposed to happen. So when I'm watching, my eye is drawn to things that are done badly, and I don't really notice the things done well.

In some ways, due to my 'expertise' in volleyball, it is easier to enjoy watching gymnastics.

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