The 3 Stages of Coach Development

I've been spending a lot of time lately looking into the 5 Stages of Throwing Motor Development. I do this because I suddenly realised that I've been trying to teach Level 5 to people who are only at Level 3. As you can imagine, I've been stunningly unsuccessful. But I digress.....

So - 3 Stages of Coach Development. There is a lot I'm missing out by simplifying it into 3 steps, not the least of which is that highly successful coaches are constantly learning and collecting knowledge and experiences, but bear with me. (Note - maybe thinking of the 3 stages as a constant loop would be better?)

1 - Collect Knowledge

Whatever the sport, there is a huge amount of knowledge which is required for coaching. For many this involves mainly technical knowledge.

This knowledge give you the capacity to teach the skills to the athletes.

The Enthusiastic Coach does this.

2 - Learn how to use the Knowledge Effectively

Once the knowledge is there, learning the skills to effectively use it is challenging. These skills are not necessarily sport specific, many are related to changing behaviour in others.

This knowledge enables you to be successful.

The Dedicated Coach does this.

3 - Learn how to use the Knowledge Efficiently

There is a point at which you collect so much knowledge that there are not enough hours in the day to impart it to the athletes. This is when being selective becomes important, where optimising every aspect of coaching is the focus.

This knowledge enables you to win at the highest levels of competition.

The High Performance Coach does this.

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