Beach Volleyball Athlete Profile - Rio 2016

I somehow found this article today, talking about the increasing height of beach volleyball players. What struck me is that it was written 9 years ago, but sounds like it could have been written for the upcoming Olympics. Which got me thinking - we always hear about how tall athletes are, and tall players are always targeted for development opportunities, but are athletes really getting taller? The following data comes from the site. I don't know about its accuracy, other than to say that if they aren't accurate, then it is more likely they are over-estimated than under-estimated.

Women Men
Average (cm) 179.8 195.0
Maximum (cm) 195.6 210.8
Minimum (cm) 162.6 177.8
Median (cm) 180.3 195.6

Other interesting facts:
  • Women
    • 30 female athletes under 6 foot
    • 11 athletes in the Top 10 teams under 6 foot
    • 2 athletes in the Top 3 teams under 5 foot 10
  • Men
    • 23 athletes under 6 foot 5 inches
    • 7 athletes in the Top 10 teams under 6 foot 5
    • 2 athletes in the Top 3 teams 6 foot 1


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