Trigger Points

Technology makes systematic analysis easier. It makes data analysis easier. It makes it easier to know more about more things. (Also less about more things but that's a different story.) It makes it easier to link information together to provide a greater depth of understanding.

The biggest problem we have though, is when, in High Performance sport, we try to use technological systems to replace human interaction.

Systems don't and can't replace human interaction - its actually the opposite, they need to trigger human interaction. For some tasks you want to encourage human interaction, not replace it.

For some tasks you need to create Trigger Points - where the data suggests that these two human beings should discuss things. So rather than having an email message automatically sent saying "there is a problem", we need to have an email message automatically sent saying, "there could be a problem, you need to get on the phone to Johnno about it, and here is his number. Go on, call him now. I said now. Don't put it off. Just get on with it."

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