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From reading (many) coach biographies the themes consistently seem to be that the successful coaches do things differently to how other coaches do things.  The only problem is that they all do things the same as each other.  I'm baffled by how many coaches don't just copy the things that lead to success.  But then I realise, because its REALLY HARD.

I listened to a podcast with Steve Kerr today and he talked about how Popovich (Spurs coach) is incredible at constantly challenging his players but still keeping a great relationship with them.  Its hard to constantly challenge players because it inevitably leads to conflict.  So the easier option is to just let things slide from time to time.  But to consistently challenge AND keep the relationships is next to impossible.  Just like winning all the time is next to impossible.

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  1. As a team sport coach I tend to think mainly in terms of teams (unsurprisingly). I'm well aware that at times my thoughts on what is important can be different in individual sports. Having said that, this article was pointed out to me ( Specifically a quote towards the end:

    "Finally, any real advantage in sport is about learning and implementing faster than everyone else. Not one federation is currently getting athlete support and development right, so the opportunity is there to get a step ahead. It will take real vision and leadership to make it happen, but the potential is there. It’s a simple formula - support the best coaches to work with the best athletes, and do this in as many places as possible. Sports science is sexy and ticks the boxes that federations use to gain funding and support, but great coaches will make winning happen consistently and rely less on chance that it will work out. Hope is a terrible performance strategy, yet many countries are essentially relying on hope that they will find a great athlete and the right things will happen, and costly errors will be avoided, vs. taking control and making great performances happen."


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