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ReadWriteWeb is an interesting blog as it has a lot of information on tech/web, but also a lot on how to develop a company.  This book review of Tribal Leadership is a good example.

As always, discussions about team culture in business resonate with my experiences with sport over the years.  There are numerous 'stages of cultural development' books and blogs and all have aspects which make sense, even though not all coaches are interested.  Some coaches still ascribe to the "I'm a coach, not a psychologist", which is fine if you are only ever coaching a team for an 8 month season of the year (and are likely to have a huge turnover of players the following year).

The problem with a lot of business views on leadership and teamwork are that, in some cases, the leaders of this area are partly responsible for the Global Financial Crisis (or, at least, some of the more spectacular business failures recently).  Gladwell's article on McKinsey springs to mind, which ends with one of my favourite quotes: "They were there looking for people who had the talent to think outside the box. It never occurred to them that, if everyone had to think outside the box, maybe it was the box that needed fixing."


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