Coding and Coaching

For years it has frustrated me that I don't know how to code.  I understand (I think) some of the basic concepts but don't know the mechanics of it.  What difference does this make to coaching?
Well, I can't speak for all coaches but running a program means I have a lot of different files with different names all about the same or similar things.  Coding will (I hope) help me manage my files and information.  Once this happens I will be able to link the data together to, hopefully, develop a deeper knowledge.  And once this happens I will be able to coach more effectively and efficiently.  In theory I can already do this but every time I try I spent 2 hours looking through old files to work out what is in them before realising I've done nothing constructive for the past 2 hours.

I spotted this link about a free online coding course on Stephen Downes' website which got me excited, so I'm going to start my Code Year today.

Wish me luck.


  1. Well-I just did the entire course and I'm not sure I'm any wiser.


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